1. Wondering which are the career opportunities after the PhD in Switzerland and other neighboring countries? Click here

2. Which is/are professional profile/s of PhD-holders (about the skills you develop during the PhD)? Click here

3. If you are interested in career networking opportunities, you can check the Life Science Career Day 2016 website: Click here.

The LSCD 2016 will take place on May 21st, 2016 @UNIL-Sorge, Lausanne.

Concept – A FREE event to discover your career opportunities!

  • Discover career-related steps and the everyday life of professionals with a life science background.
  • Benefit of a CV check service .
  • Boost your career and learn in several workshops
  • Interact with scientific journalists.

In summary: The main goal of the LSCD is to provide ideas, although potential job opportunities and/or training positions could be offered. Such information will help you better understand how to build a career after having obtained a degree in life science (Master, PhD) or how to make your career advance after a postdoctoral experience.